Baby’s First Haircut

For many parents, a baby’s first haircut can be both scary and exciting. At Cartoon Cuts, we specialize in making your baby’s first haircut experience a comfortable and special moment for you and your family. With each Baby’s First Haircut Service, a certificate and keepsake lock of hair will be included. Read our baby’s first […]

Happy (and Healthy) Halloween!

Happy Halloween! At Cartoon Cuts, not only are we trusted for kids’ haircuts, but we also want to provide a fun, healthy, and sustainable experience. This doesn’t stop at our services, but includes the products we carry and give out. This Halloween, Cartoon Cuts will be handing out YUMEARTH’s Organic Lollipops!  YUMEARTH was founded in […]

Cartoon Cuts Helps Ellie’s Hats Crush Childhood Cancer!

Kindergarten is supposed to be all about letters and numbers and shapes and story time and dress up…unless, you are diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a couple of months before kindergarten begins. Ellie arrived at Woodburn Elementary in 2013, with her winning smile, ready for her first day of kindergarten. Sadly, by that time the […]


Back to school… For most of us, it means new shoes, school supplies and a fabulous new haircut! But, what if you lived in Guatemala, or Ghana, or Laos…and your child had no access to a quality education? At Cartoon Cuts, our journey to help children began with a question. There was a small boy […]


Conventional wisdom might suggest that doing nice things for yourself will bring you happiness. But, the experts who study HAPPINESS, have a different take. When we do things for others, we feel happier–more fulfilled. We connect to the world in a positive and meaningful way. When we help others, we improve our moods and reduce […]

Founder of Cartoon Cuts, Kathleen Perkal, Quoted in Washington Post on How to Prepare for Haircuts When Your Child Has Special Needs

“We have stylists who have knelt down in the waiting room, in front of a television, when the children were too afraid to move to the styling chair,” said Kathleen Perkal, founder of Cartoon Cuts. “We have stylists who allow the kids to come in and sit and talk for a few minutes, without getting […]

Fun N’ Easy Halloween Hair

Cat Ears What you’ll need: ponytails, bobby pins, black pipe cleaners (2) Part the hair down the middle. Take the two front sections and make two ponytails. Braid each ponytail with a pipe cleaner, to make the braids stick straight up. Use bobby pins to form the shape of cat ears. Bug Head What you’ll […]

3 Easy Summer Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Have you ever noticed how just one too many dips in the pool or ocean can leave your hair dry and unmanageable? Well, we here at Cartoon Cuts certainly have, and now we want to share our keys to getting your soft, bouncy hair back! Here are 3 summer hair care tips for swimmers: Moisturize! […]

4 Back-To-School Hair Tips That Will De-Stress Your Morning Routine

Can you believe that it’s already time to go back to school? It’s one of our favorite times of the year! The experts here at Cartoon Cuts have some great back-to-school hair tips. Check out our stylists’ 4 best back-to-school hair tips: Cut that hair Getting a fresh trim is the best thing you can […]