4 Back-To-School Hair Tips That Will De-Stress Your Morning Routine

Can you believe that it’s already time to go back to school? It’s one of our favorite times of the year! The experts here at Cartoon Cuts have some great back-to-school hair tips.

Check out our stylists’ 4 best back-to-school hair tips:

Cut that hair

Getting a fresh trim is the best thing you can do to keep your little one’s hair nice and healthy. Sun damage and chlorine can result in difficult tangles and dead ends, so getting a regular cut is the best way to keep that hair prepped and ready for those busy school mornings.

Ready your tools

Having the right tools can make taming even the most rebellious hair easy. Take the time now, before the busy school year starts, to pick up a new hairbrush, a detangler, and a styling gel or mousse. If your child gets especially bad knots & tangles, we recommend our most popular solution–the Wet Brush combined with Original Sprout’s Miracle Detangler.

Have a go-to hairstyle 

Getting the kids ready for school in the morning can be tough, and adding a long hair routine to the struggle doesn’t help. Having a few go-to braided or gelled looks up your sleeve can help things run way more smoothly. Check out some of our favorites here!

Get a “head” start on lice

Start protecting your child’s head from lice before the dreaded lice notification gets sent home. Product lines like Fairy Tales’ Rosemary Repel and SoCozy’s Boo! will help you deter lice with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary, and mint. Using these products and following a few simple guidelines can help you start the school year off with less stress about these creepy crawlers.  Check out our video on lice prevention here!

Need some extra help this year? No one knows back-to-school hair like our experts! Come pay us a visit and talk to your own personal stylist today. Our stylists can even braid your kiddo’s hair for you this school year, starting at just $3.99!