Conventional wisdom might suggest that doing nice things for yourself will bring you happiness. But, the experts who study HAPPINESS, have a different take.

When we do things for others, we feel happier–more fulfilled. We connect to the world in a positive and meaningful way. When we help others, we improve our moods and reduce our stress. Basically, if you want to feel good–do good.

I am pretty sure that Vilma and her team would agree. Throughout the month of March, one dollar at a time, they raised $825 for Ellie’s Hats!! It was an opportunity for them to come together as a team, to engage their customers, and to be a force for good. They were inspired by Ellie’s story.

Kindergarten is supposed to be all about letters and numbers and shapes and story time and dress up…unless, you are diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a couple of months before kindergarten begins.

Ellie arrived at Woodburn Elementary in 2013, with her winning smile and beautiful red locks…ready for her first day of kindergarten. But, shortly after the school year began, her cancer treatments caused her hair to fall out. She was a resourceful kind of girl, so she found a couple of “fun and cheery” hats, and she made that, her “look”.

Her teacher, Jay Coakley was inspired. He held a hat drive to provide Ellie with more hat choices. He used the power of social media to spread the word, and soon, hats were pouring in from across the country. Since 2013, Ellie’s Hats has provided hats to thousands of kids with cancer.

In July 2015, Ellie finished her treatments. As her hair began to grow back, she wanted a stylish haircut. A visit to Cartoon Cuts was just what the doctor ordered! Ellie has become a frequent Cartoon Cuts visitor, and she even posed for a photo with her namesake, “Ellie, the Elephant.”

Once again, Cartoon Cuts is excited to donate to Ellie’s Hats. As a company, we raised $2,000!

Thank you, Vilma and Team…for being the EXPERTS