3 Easy Summer Hair Care Tips for Swimmers

Have you ever noticed how just one too many dips in the pool or ocean can leave your hair dry and unmanageable? Well, we here at Cartoon Cuts certainly have, and now we want to share our keys to getting your soft, bouncy hair back! Here are 3 summer hair care tips for swimmers:


The ocean’s salt draws moisture out of your hair and pool water contains lots of hair-stripping chemicals, meaning that your hair is pretty “thirsty” after a dip in the water. To quench this thirst, apply a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner often. At our kids’ hair salons, we love to use So Cozy’s line of swim products, which are specially formulated for this purpose! Their 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Wash moisturizes and cleanses hair in two ways:

  1. Fighting the chlorine remnants, so you don’t have to!
  2. Leaving your hair even softer and healthier than it was before.

Get Protective!

The best way to stop your hair from facing these issues is to protect your hair before even getting in the water! Applying a product that can block most of the water from being absorbed removes half of the problem. So Cozy’s Leave-In Treatment + Detangler protects your hair from pool chemicals, saltwater, and the sun, saving it from future damage!

Trim it up!

Here at Cartoon Cuts, we firmly believe that a regular haircut not only gives you the chance to change up your look but also keeps hair fresh and healthy. Hair is even further damaged during the summer when already dead ends combine with harsh pool water, saltwater, and sun rays.

Keeping these 3 summer hair care tips for swimmers in mind as you and your family can have fun AND healthy hair all summer long! So come visit us at Cartoon Cuts, where our goal is to keep your hair fresh, healthy, and moisturized!

Like these hair care tips for swimmers? Come in and grab your So Cozy product today!