TIMING: Schedule the haircut for soon after (but never right before) a nap or a meal.

DISTRACTION: Ask your expert stylist to put on your child’s favorite show or DVD (Peppa Pig is a fan favorite at Cartoon Cuts!)

COMFORT: Pack a couple of non-sticky snacks, like crackers, in case he/she gets antsy mid-trim. Oh, and our famous lollipops often do the trick!

AT HOME: Playing “haircut” with your child’s stuffed animals and a set of imaginary scissors, such as your child’s fingers, might allow the child to get comfortable with the concept.

VISIT: Consider allowing the child to see the hairstylist in action, by bringing them to see another member of the family getting a trim.

LAP: If your child cannot get comfortable sitting alone, allow him/her to sit on your lap during the haircut. Be sure that you both wear a smock!

Don’t forget to sign up for our loyalty program, Cheaper by the Dozen. Your baby’s 12th haircut will be free…and by that time, he or she will be an old pro!

*price may vary depending on market.

Rave Reviews

“We were excited and nervous for our baby’s first haircut. he was only 6 months old but had a ton of hair… So we knew it was time. Our neighbor referred us to cartoon cuts and we were so impressed at how easy the visit was. The salon made a big deal about it being our son’s first haircut, and the receptionist even offered to take a few pictures so that we could both be in them.”  Brad F. – Wellington, FL

“We didn’t know where to go for our son’s first haircut, but we stumbled upon cartoon cuts at the mall and figured we would try it out. Our stylist was calm, friendly, and got the job done before our son could even think about being upset about his new experience. We have been back ever since, and he is now three years old!”  Elizabeth P. – Sterling, VA