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Winner of the Best of NoVa Hair Salon for Children (Northern Virginia Magazine)

“Visited the brand new Cartoon Cuts at the newly reopened Springfield Town Center. It was fantastic! This place really knows how to treat children, from talking with them to using the fine art of distraction to give them a great haircut. Each station is equipped with a small screen so that your child can watch a video, if you so choose. If you don’t want the video, they will gladly leave it off. There are booster seats for shorter kids, and a safety belt (same material as a car seat strap) is used to secure them in place. My 2-year-old was captivated with a truck he was handed to play with while he received his cut; the stylist even handed him barrettes and clips to put in the truck while she cut his hair.” -Kevin P. Fairfax, VA

My son is too young to lay still to have his hair washed before the cut in the fun-looking elephant sink, so the stylist used a spray bottle to wet his hair. It’s little things like this that make this not as stressful an event as it could be for some kids.” -Kathy S. Fairfax, VA